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The only way to Recession Proof your income in these crazy economic times is to start a Home Based Business specifically in Network Marketing / MLM.

For under $500 in most companies, you’re in business completely and can start making money very quickly, PART TIME.  Most of the population is not capable of starting a traditional business because the start-up costs are very high especially franchises.   Not only the start-up costs are expensive, but there are ALOT of other headaches that come along with traditional business.  Yes you are the “owner” but you’re also a slave to that business. Essentially the business owns you!  In Network Marketing, there are several advantages over traditional “brick and mortar” business which include:

  • Time Freedom
  • Extremely low start-up costs
  • No Boss
  • Huge Tax Advantages
  • No overhead, no inventory, no employees
  • No advertising costs
  • Work from wherever you want in the world (not tied to any location)
  • Work with some of the funnest people in the world

The absolute BEST part of engaging in MLM is the TEAM you build and the people in this Profession.  Having access to some of the Greatest mentors in the business is also the greatest thing possible.  Attach yourself to someone who has what you want, hold on tight, and learn from them!  And you’ll also learn Personal Development and becoming a better person is an amazing gift and surrounding yourself with others will bring this out.

I would encourage that if you’re thinking about a Home Based Business to really make a decision, find a company and most importantly a TEAM of leadership that you absolutely love, and Join them! You’ll be so glad you did, I promise!

I look forward to meeting you!

Wishing you the very BEST!

William Cosentino

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